Weird loading of files

It looks like Meerk40t is loading items I have deleted out of files. For example these cross earrings image were in Inkscape with about 4 other pairs of earrings but I deleted all the others, and shrunk the doc size down to the earrings. When they load in k40whisperer they load fine, but in Meerkk40t they have extra items. I can delete them just fine, just wondering if anyone had any ideas why it would load like this.

and here’s in k40whisperer

Other things are loading wildly wrong such as the outline is perfect, but the picture to be etched is huge.

I think this is more of an Inkscape issue, as MeerK40t cannot show something that is not there.
I would create a new Inkscape file and copy over only the new objects. This way you should get rid of the old objects.

Yea, I get what you’re saying. It’s just weird it only shows in Meerk40t. I can open it in any of my other programs and it doesn’t show up. (gimp, silhouette, k40, edge browser)
So I realized if I make the file up in Silhouette it automatically draws an outline for cutting. But those files are loading wrong too.

But now that I think of I wonder if it’s a resolution thing. I’m a fabric designer by trade so fabric uses 300dpi, I have no idea what silhouettes ‘standard’ is or if it changes it when I make a silhouette file.

That looks to be 155 inches wide or so. That’s pretty big. You could turn off load dpi from the images in Settings. I’ve seen some images that say their native pixels are giant and it just goes ahead and takes it’s word for that.