Web Interface - Webif

I’m using the webif on my SD card. I get the access to the web interface.
How do you upload a file to a folder on the sd card? I can upload the file fine, but it will upload to the root directory of the sd card. I’m using a LCD screen (viki2 in config file) on the printer to print my 3D files. On the LCD screen, I have no way of accessing the root directory, it’s all menu driven. For example, I click Play, SD, Calibration, then the 3D file in order to start the printer. I normally load the 3D files using my computer into the Calibration folder.
I would like to save my files to the printer using my network. It is a pain to bring my laptop to the printer every time to save a file to the sd card on the printer.

Thanks for you help,

I figured out how to get to the files uploaded from the web base interface for smoothie.