Web interface for GRBL/CNC?

(papergeek_SW) #1

I want to make sure I’m not missing something. I’ve looked over the source code and everything in the C++ sources is actually pretty well laid out and easy to understand. I was trying to figure out why I can’t home my CNC setup using the web interface. I think it’s because the web interface uses G28 to home and not G28.2

I’m using a pre-built firmware-CNC.bin which as I understand differs from the 3d-printing build in that it uses the GRBL flavor of g-code, which means that G28.2 is used to home all or specified axes. I can move all the axes, send and receive commands, etc. but home doesn’t work as expected.

Do people running Smoothieware for CNC control with the GRBL option just use some other software to send commands over USB, and the web interface is provided as a more basic signs-of-life tool or for people doing 3D printing? It’s quite useful even if for no purpose other than sending G-code… I would have thought that the build which defaults to GRBL might have a variant version of the web interface.

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