We recently finished our review of the CraftBot 3D printer.

We recently finished our review of the CraftBot 3D printer. A variety of features make this sub-1000 $ machine quite interesting but it is also still suffering from some teething problems: http://3dprintingforbeginners.com/craftbot-review/

Yeah, (without RTFA) their slicer has some weird issues. I set some values really low and could cause it to crash, the camera is all sorts of unintuitive, and their visualization of slicing parameters could be done better (instead of re-slicing the model each and every time, precalculate some example images/animations and load them on demand) – I still haven’t got a file out of it to print in order to see what kind of actual pathing issues they may have, etc. But they’re on a good start.

Mmmmm Slic3r needs to color code it’s fill type like that…

I really enjoyed your review especially the print tests. Please do more of these with other printers!

I recently acquired a CraftBot Plus to play with. I’ve been pretty impressed with what you get for $999. It’s a solid machine. I think it’s a bargain. I really like the touch screen. It’s intuitive and fast.

The inability to fine tune things such as Acceleration and Jerk is what bothers me. The darn thing slams hard during direction changes even at low (30-40mm/s) speeds. It would be great if Craft Unique can open tune ability for such parameters.

The craftbot first generation as it issues, but if you want something really close to a makerbot, get a craftbot plus as far as i know it works right of the box, and forget about craftware it needs moré tweaking i prefer slic3r, and yes i Was an indiegogo backer and been printing since cristmas, :slight_smile:

@Adam_Steinmark Thanks for the feedback. We are trying to do more reviews but if you do them properly they take time :slight_smile:

@ThantiK I agree, the camera is not intuitive and the software is not bug free yet. To be fair though, the software is still labeled as beta. In terms of prints, I got very good results but would also still like to test it across various printers.

@Isaac_Arciaga The direction changes are indeed a bit harsh. I tried to minimize the effect of this a bit by tweaking the loop-fill overlap setting in CraftWare.

@lightshadown I have used slic3r and CraftWare to quite some extend now. I find that the latest version of CraftWare does a good job, certainly not perfect yet but getting there.