We need to post all the positive things that home 3d printing does and

We need to post all the positive things that home 3d printing does and counter this making undetectable gun story stealing the headlines.

Printing a Trigger? Whats the deal? In most parts of the civilised world you still have a hard time to get the more important parts. This is just some hype about legaleese fineprint in the US. Nothing done here to be concerned about. Time to get over it.

On A sidenote the notion to ‘show positive things’ is what brought us overly complex, costly and failable nnuclear power plants in the first place. So not realy a promesing strategy.

I should print myself one of these, and test it. Not fire it by hand…I don’t feel like killing myself. I have access to ammo, maybe throw it in a rig and fire it from behind a concrete wall.

I think thats no big deal. You can produce a lot more dangerous weapons and explosives with stuff from a diy market. 3d printing is awesome but not because you can print plastic guns. Ill print one later but to be honest i have no ammo and even if i had some i would be afraid to fire it. If i had no 3d printer i would simply build a zip gun or something like that. Much cheaper and stable.
I say 3d printers will not be the tools of choice for people with interest in building guns.

@Sanjay_Mortimer I fail to see any more importance here. Frame, trigger mech, etc, are just common stuff. The pin is still not printed (still no big deal), but there is no barrel, barly a bullet holder. If you wanna have a bullet going astray, just hit it with a hammer

To my experiance, there is no way to make a barrel from plasic. at least the soul and support has to be metal (and ceramics). I did build quite some stuff as weapons (yeah, it’s illegal over here, but hey, when you’re 17,you’re into explodinfd stuff … err … exploration, not law abiding :slight_smile: and belive me, a barrel that is usable to hit a target (controlled, not random) at just 10m is quite some work to do. For a single shot weapon the barrel is the most important part and you won’t get that done anytime soon without machined parts. You may print the base construction using metal laser sinter printers, still needs additional machining.

So again, no big deal, a dagerous kids toy at most.

technology is not evil , evil doers use technolgy just as good doers

I print nice things that make the world a better place… At least I try to.

I am with @Pete_Prodoehl … Last batch I printed before pausing on printing were toothpaste squeezers to avoid waste…


This is only an issue in countries that have no gun control laws like the US (or is it only the US?). In all civilized countries, carrying a concealed firearm - plastic or not - is illegal and the laws are already strong enough to make this moot.

@John_Chan_Madox @Pete_Prodoehl i still need a full arm or leg prosthesis

Yes, Derrick, because the US does not have literally hundreds of gun laws. And a concealed gun is inherently uncivilized, nothing like the European countries which invented the handshake as a gesture for assuring someone of the absence of concealed arms. Truly, all Americans are uncivilized barbarians with no law or order, and everyone else is a selfless, law-abiding saint.

@Derrick_Oswald_curmu to be clear the us has many gun control laws, in most states you need a licence to carry a weapon that is loaded and concealed, you can carry an unloaded weapon in public as long as it is in view (if you are, you may be asked to move to an area because you are causing panic… I digress). In most states you are required to have a background check before purchasing a weapon, prechecks are available for those that wish to purchase at gun shows. In most states you must be of age to buy ammo. As a private citizen you may make only a limited number of weapons a year… the list goes on and on. The US only protects the rights to have a gun, buy a gun, and use a gun. All though much of this is heavily regulated.

Strange that you still have the most firearm deaths

@Nils_Hitze a large percentage of those are suicides. And America has a lower violent crime rate than most of Europe. Taking away your guns didn’t lower it… My best friend was killed by a gun wielding home owner. I’m sad he’s dead, but he was on their property stealing from them. I’m glad the home owner was able to protect his property and his families well being by owning a gun.

@Nils_Hitze also there is an alarming rate of death by sword in Japan… people will kill each other if they want to. No law will fix that. I care mostly about fixing accidental deaths and injury. I am an advocate of safe and responsible gun use. I believe that every person should be able to identify an unloaded and safe gun. Every person should understand proper storage procedures. It is sad that 300 million people are lumped together as “gun touting hate mongers” because the type of violence seen in our country is different that in others.

He protected his home by KILLING a person?

I do appreciate your technical skills Anthony, but we will never be friends or have the same opinion about this.

@Nils_Hitze if the person was not charged with murder, either the death was declared an accident (intended to miss but some extenuating circumstances caused the death), or the thief was using greater or equal force. In most states you are not allowed to escalate the situation and claim defense (Florida seems to have different laws). I understand this seems strange, but that is a cultural difference. No one is forced to own a weapon, no one is forced to use a weapon. It is allowed for those who have not committed a violent crime in the past, and have not been treated for specific mental illnesses. I appreciate cultural difference, and offer others respect. I hope that the same is returned.

To be frank. I dislike the project in question completely. It is bad for guns it is bad for 3d printing. I hope this hype dies

@Camerin_hahn yes respect, but only because you are holding a gun. Certainly not approval. The morality at play here is beyond discussion on a google+ thread. Most countries just prefer to have a constabulary that enforces the law rather than vigilante citizens because it leads to a safer society.

Thx Derrick