We need to find a way to add this tablet support thing :-) It

We need to find a way to add this tablet support thing :slight_smile: It does look nice.

I was considering doing that with an old nook color and a pi. Repetier server gives you most of the options to control the printer, so it would probably work out OK. Figured I could step it up by using a nexus 7 or just installing a touch screen on the pi.

Nexus 7 is nice and a good upgrade. There is a reprap Lcd thing posted recently.

MatterControl has a new tablet to be a one stop controller for printers but I find that Octoprint has been my goto tool for printing and I like to slice on something that has a little more control than a tablet app offers me.

Also is it just me that finds the size of that printer for the small build platform it has to be slightly amusing?

It’s not only you. Plus, it costs some pretty money too. I am also using the octoprint toolchain. But I wish there is a plug-in to cura and craftunique to send the gcode directly to octoprint. Having to manually upload it is kindda of a pain.

I run simplify3d on a Windows 8 tablet on my Eustathios. It works great and I use chrome remote desktop to control it from anywhere.

The MatterControl tablet is a more than bit out of hand, IMO. It’s basically an $80 tablet sans battery, with control software, packaged as a $300 3D printer controller. Buying a TW700 + Simplify 3D is $100 cheaper and you get a spare license left over. Or you run the MatterControl x86 software. Or any other x86 software.

I started with mattercontrol when I bought my RoBo3D but I have since moved to Simplify3D and I feel like they really nailed it with this software. I don’t think there is any setting left unexposed.

@Eclsnowman ​ I do something similar but its an 27" iMac that I remote into. :slight_smile:

I like the wire/tube guides, looks slick. I laughed when I saw the small print plate too.

That thing looks like its the size of a herculien with a 200x180 X/Y build plate. Will anyone actually buy one???

People bought Makerbot 5th gen :|. I guess someone will buy this.

PT Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute…

Did anyone catch that nozzle spacing? Yow!

Something is seriously wrong with that machine’s overall space efficiency. I think it could be 300mm cubed working volume, if not more, with that frame.