We just got an 80W laser cutter in the shop,

We just got an 80W laser cutter in the shop, and we need a big project to break it in. How much interest is there in the US for laser-cut (probably thick acrylic) i3 frames?

I’ve been thinking about building one for a while now, this might be just the thing to get me started.

Similar question: Somebody around here said they wanted water jet cut aluminum i3 frames - how much demand is there for those? For $100 I can get certified on my hackerspace’s waterjet cutter and make a neat pile of them.

Hold on that, working on some default dxf for lasercut stuff :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, I could send some awesome milled durall frames with predrilled holes to USA, for the price you can waterjet them. Except those milled look beautiful :slight_smile: Anyone who would coop on that? I will include “Jo Approves” sticker :wink:

I might be up for either depending on the cost (of which I have no idea :).

I’ve been thinking about tearing my Prusa Mendel apart and either doing an i3, or a Wallace variant, using laser cut supports. I’ve got access to a 100w laser cutter, but haven’t done up the models yet.

I helping a friend at my space build an i3, how much for an acrylic set? Very interested.

@Nick_Parker i was the one looking for a water jet frame. I can get one for $50+cost of material, just looking for something a little cheaper, like $35.

Well I would end up doing them for cost of materials + cost of my time (as a highschooler that isn’t much) after the startup.

Prusa what do you think of the mods from twelepro ?

i am also trying the same… but my idea to cut acrylic you just go with 40 W its just less than 200 $ and hope you do the best