We have one week left in our 3D printer project Indiegogo campaign for Albuquerque's

We have one week left in our 3D printer project Indiegogo campaign for Albuquerque’s makerspace, Quelab. If you’d like to chip in, we thank you!

You can save a lot if you replace that $300 “dedicated computer” with a Raspberry Pi. With #Octoprint, it’ll even print over the Network!

@Thomas_Sanladerer , there doesn’t happen to be a good set of instructions/wiki for that anywhere, is there?

Specifically for Octoprint or generally for setting up a RasPi for a RepRap?

I have to admit, I’m ignorant as to what Octoprint is, but I’m interested in setting up the Pi for a RepRap.

Octoprint was formerly known as PrinterWebUi - there’s plenty of info under that name on G+. It’s a substitute for pronterface and exposes a nice web interface from the RasPi.
Basically, setting up a RasPi for RapRap isn’t drastically different to doing the same thing on any other Linux PC. All you do is go through the generic initial RasPi setup and then apt-get all the stuff needed for PrintRun (if that’s what you want to use).
Complete setup instructions for PrinterWebUi are on github: https://github.com/foosel/PrinterWebUI .
The one downside to a “real” computer is that you can’t slice your files on the RasPi - i just doesn’t have enough processing power / RAM. But that’s a 15-second job that you can do on any other computer and then upload the .gcode to the PI.

Awesome, thanks for the info!