We don't really talk about SLA here but it does seem to be going

We don’t really talk about SLA here but it does seem to be going a lot more mainstream. The barrier has always ( in my mind ) been the cost of resin as well as issues shipping liquids.
I’d love to see some more discussion around the topics involved as well as the pros and cons of the ways these machines are built.
The hardware is straight forward to the point of 1 linear bearing and a stepper so not a major concern.
The biggest difference I can see right now is the LCD with back light VS Projector with mirror. Which translates to smaller footprint and integrated or external and integrated imaging. Then there is the option of laser for curing like the form machines do which is a whole different kettle of fish.
The D7 seems to have come in at a price that honestly I cant buy a projector for although there does seem to be a laundry list of problems, Ill be honest it still seems like a viable proposition.
The thing here is resources of information seem limited, there’s no 1 goto please Ive found (like reprap for fdm) to start with a comprehensive list of requirements.

Resin makes nice looking parts but there are trade-offs at play. The strength of parts isn’t very good either. I didn’t like the mess of resin and post processing. There’s valid concerns about the toxicity of resin.