We are researching spools. Help us, help you, help the environment.

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We are researching spools. Help us, help you, help the environment. We want your input. https://www.reddit.com/r/3Dprinting/comments/4l1stz/would_you_use_filament_that_was_spooled_on_a/

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YES - cardboard spools (or paper mache ) should be considered a good way forwards. Done well (I have never had a single issue with Proto-Pasta cardboard spools) then it’s a very good thing.

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Posted this 2 years ago - lots and lots of discussions with many manufacturers and people and not a great deal has changed …

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Hi Richard, great work on that report! We often refer to it. Do you know of any companies making a similar spool that you have purposed?

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@Contact_Filabot No, I talked to many actual manufacturers of filament, and they all had a desire to do something, but none have really implemented anything as of yet.

If anything the ‘standard’ and very wasteful 300+ gram plastic spool is now being used even more. Becoming the default standard because it’s easy.

For a compressed cardboard or mache spool to work it does need to be produced locally. That seems to be an issue for many suppliers that just buy in empty spools to use rather than make themselves.

I’m still of the belief that a good expanded bio-PLA spool could be perfect for the job. Light weight, low cost, easy to stack and quick to manufacture.

I would be very interested to see what feedback you get from the community and other manufacturers. Good luck !