Watch the story of General Magic and then run the software!

There are a few documentaries out about a company founded by Apple in the 90’s called General Magic. (the one I recently watched was on Showtime) It is very interesting to see how and why it ended up shutting down and then see where all the employees went and what they accomplished afterward.

The product they developed was the precursor to the smart phones we know and love today. They were way ahead of their time.
It is was an OS called Magic Cap.

Thanks to Adafruit, you can now run and enjoy that software with a little elbow grease.

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When I saw this post show up in my RSS feed, I assumed that it was from a different discourse forum that also used my Google+ importer to survive the implosion of Google+:

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Now that link brought back lots of memories.
I started my career programming the IBM 360 channel I/O in assembler…
In fact all our embeded controllers (in house built) were programmed in assembler… that was before microprocessors!

…feeling old … er mature!