Was hoping I could get some help.

Was hoping I could get some help. I have an Arduino Uno with a bluetooth HC06 module. I can read that my computer is receiving the correct data over bluetooth. I can successfully see the same data in ChiliPeppr via USB to the Arduino, but I can’t see the Bluetooth data in ChiliPeppr.

So I can connect to the USBModem and see the data, but can’t connect to any of the bluetooth devices. The baud for the device is 9600. I always get ‘Resource busy’. Any ideas?

As always, after struggling for a few hours, I realised the obvious answer right after commenting here.

The simple fact of monitoring the bluetooth was was making the resource busy. I just closed down the monitoring tool and it worked fine.

Amazing software!

Cool. I’ve never heard of anybody using Bluetooth to connect to their Arduino via ChiliPeppr. Glad you got it to work.

No problem John. I’m building tiny BLE devices with soil moisture sensors that you can stick all over garden. The hub receives the bluetooth and uses ChilliPeppr to build the app inteface

That sounds awesome.