Was asked to test out some new filament from ,

Was asked to test out some new filament from #Taulman3d , I’m not sure it has a solid name yet - but we purposely printed with some “stringy” settings, as it was claimed that the stuff was less stringy than most other PLA blends. Turns out, that was entirely the case. Picture with the strings is DeltaMaker PLA - purposely done with lax retraction settings. Same print with #Taulman3D filament resulted in a cleaner print.

Nice! Do you a URL for the vase?

How much of it might be caused by variation in filament diameter - with Tulman’s product being more on-spec than the DeltaMaker stuff. I love his Nylon/618 - talk about indestructible prints.

@Michael_Audette DeltaMaker filament is really, REALLY good for tolerance. It’s terrible for color reproduction, but great tolerance.

This is cool. Does this delta maker use any special software specific to that device? Like my printrbot used pronterface and my makerbot used makerbots own software.

@JAKTECHIE , Pronterface isn’t printrbot specific software, it’s part of the open source toolchain. DeltaMakers use the same toolchain as most other 3D printers. We probably won’t ever do proprietary software.

Right which is why I wasn’t sure if you went the open source software route or wrote your own proprietary software. There are pros and cons to both paths in my opinion.

@JAKTECHIE , honestly we went with OctoPrint/Cura paired with our printer. It’s got an on-board print server, cura slicing integration, etc. Nobody has had issue (even newbies) getting things printed with this combo and we feel it’s the most user friendly.

Though, I really do need to develop a panel for this thing. Everyone wants one…except my boss for whatever reason.

Oh ya nice. I have never used cura but seen some videos on it. It seems pretty nice. Like maker3d or what ever its called for makerbot but with more features. Pronterface is nice but not super user friendly. Anyways thanks for the info and this looks great. :slight_smile: i will be looking for more posts in the future. :slight_smile:

Hey @ThantiK ​! Nice looking prints! I’ve been playing with retraction on the Taulman 645 material this week but still haven’t got it as pretty as your example there - how’s the inside of the print for blobbing? On another note, I’m looking for a delta kit to add to my bot army and wanted to check yours out - can you send me links please?

@Colin_Bell , blobbing on the inside is almost nonexistant. I don’t really feel comfortable posting links here, as the community we’ve built os strictly non-commercial. I post things that have DeltaMakers in the pictures only because that’s where I get to experiment most of the time. Just google “DeltaMaker” and you’ll find us.

@ThantiK ​ ok will do!