Warping issues? So I was printing perfect with hatchbox abs stuff was sticking well

Warping issues?
So I was printing perfect with hatchbox abs stuff was sticking well to the build platform minimal warping and then I got some new filament and the stuff comes right off the bed and has some pretty amazing warping properties. Anyone have suggestions to get this stuff to stick down?

You can use a raft. I try to place the object in a way the print does not get too high. Abs juice ( abs acetone mix) on kapton also helps. You can also place thin “discs” in the corners of your object to improve adhesion.

I got some microcenter filament once that just wouldn’t stick. I used disks at corners (I almost always do this for good measure because removal of it is trivial and really helps). I tried brim. I tried upping my extrusion multiplier. I tried extra first layer smoosh. I tried changing infill direction and shell amounts. I tried kapton. I tried hairspray (which is now my default for abs). Etc.

I ended up taking it back. The replacement roll printed fine. So sometimes bad filament is just bad.

@Eclsnowman exactly the brand it is Eric same issues to point. The new roll you get work out?

@Derek_Schuetz ​ yes. There are two brands they carry. Inland, and toner plastic (labeled microcenter brand).

Inland seems to have better dimensional stability. Toner plastics seems to stick better and have better mechanical properties.

Ya I got the micro enter labeled one. Tolerance is awesome but I’m having perfect first layer on all types of bed adhesion things and it slides off like nothing is there. I’ll try the silver roll out maybe it’s just the black

Black is usually the cheapest ingredients. They can hide a lot of junk in it.

I like the inland brand for black ABS.

I am also liking the red hips they have now. Similar to abs. But lower bed temps. Good overhangs, smooth finish. Very nice.

@Eclsnowman Is hips ok to use as printer parts?

Hatchbox is very consistent for me so I stick with that. Hope you have better luck with the new roll.

well i figured it out. went down to 225C went to a .8 nozzle and now im fine

@Derek_Schuetz i think it should be. But it seems like interlayer adhesion could be better. I am testing now with 3x0.5 perimeters to validate it.