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I have an Sbase, glitchy, stepper drivers are iffy, afraid to upgrade firmware. While looking for a legitimate board I’ve found everything is sold out and pre order only. This is either really good or really bad.

The community seems “dated” and I suppose I’d like to hear it’s alive and well and the hardware is highly sought after therefore sold out and that there’s continued support for this project. I apologize for not keeping up to date on sources, I tried google but I keep coming up with old threads, thus my concern.


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And I know MKS Sbase has a bad rep with this community. However Panucatt Azteeg X5 doesn’t appear to have that same rep, can someone confirm if this is a viable/contributing manufacture of a smoothieboard? I don’t want to be shunned, and I want to support this project.


I answered my own question, seems panucatt is a community supporter.
6. Before asking the community for help.
If you have an Open-Source board like the Smoothieboard, a board from Panucatt, or one of the many designed by the community and that support the project, ignore this.

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I’d delete these if I could

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Same problem here. I want to buy a legit SmoothieBoard to support, but they’re completely sold out in the USA.

Is it possible to <shudder>buy an MKS</shudder> and donate to Smoothie in the amount that they would have profited?

I’ve been waiting a couple months already with no sign that things will come back in stock. I’ve also email asking about both updates and contributing to the code base, but not received a reply.

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Original poster here. I ordered a Panucatt Azteeg x5 GT with bigfoot drivers (2 drivers were bad….) but in my search to find answers for wiring with BLtouch and other pin out diagrams related to smoothieware/ panucatt I was again turned away by the community. Waiting on a reply (if ever) however unless you own a Smoothieboard (which were out of stock) you can forget getting help from the devs it seems. I’m not terribly happy with that, given I thought Panucatt was recognized as a supporting member of the community. Going forward I do believe my new printer builds will incorporate the much friendlier marlin or repetier communities. The hardware is catching up to this once “Premiere” project, and I’ve got some experience with repetier and it’s quite useable compared to this. I almost want to do it out of spite, left quite the bad taste in my mouth and I just can’t shake it, darn shame.

If the contributing members want to remain closed, small, or possibly shrink in size well then you’re doing a fine job turning would be newcomers away.