wanting to get a 3d printer ..don't wanna go to small whats a good

(Brad V.) #1

wanting to get a 3d printer …don’t wanna go to small whats a good printer I don’t mind having to build it as a kit if it saves me a buck or two
any info is greatly appreciated I advance…buying used could be a option too

(Ivan Hoe) #2

You could consider:

For US$970.

Awesome specs vs price point.

I have a CraftBot 1st generation.

(Brad V.) #3

Thank you I will check it out

(Brad V.) #4

@Ivan_Hoe just don’t wanna go small and get board 2 months later and want a bigger one

(Griffin Paquette) #5

If you want something cheap there are numerous prusa i3 kits on ebay. Such as the folgertech. I would check that one out as well

(zephyrin JG) #6

get a prusa i3, nice and simple with a good build area

(Brad V.) #7

@zephyrin_JG thank you I will check it out

(zephyrin JG) #8

I have a he3d branded one, needed a few mods but now its awesome

(Brad V.) #9

nice thank you for your inputs after work I will check out these suggestions and youtube some videos on them

(zephyrin JG) #10

theres not much info on the he3d stuff though

(Ivan Hoe) #11

@Brad_V ​, good luck on your DIY search.

(Brad V.) #12

thanks guys

(Ishaan Gov) #13

Mendel 90? Designed by Nophead, hackable, well regarded among the community, and E3D (@Sanjay_Mortimer )even use these test their hotends.
It’s a bit “fiddly” to put together, but should get you good results

(Brandon Cramer) #14

Printrbot Simple Metal is a good printer. That is what I’ve started with. It will do 6x6x6 inches. There is a upgrade available from Matrix Precision to allow you to print 8X8X10 inches for about $200. I highly recommend it.

I wish I had a second Printrbot Simple Metal so I could use it while I’m printing a 8-24 hour job on my other Printrbot Simple Metal. :slight_smile:


(James Malenko) #15

Kossel (delta type) printers can be bought really big for cheap. try the Kossel xl on http://hkbay.com
Also rigidbot seems good and expandable.

(Emmanuel Adetutu) #16

Have a look @ " TeeBot"The suitcase 3D printer. http://www.3dstuffs.nl/teebot currently on kick-stater as a KIT or fully assemble and it is opendesign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99905999/teebot-the-suitcase-3d-printer

(Brad V.) #17

@3D_ZPrinting I would like to be able to learn and adjust and be able to tweak when I reach that level just don’t wanna by cheap basic and the have to buy something everytime…if that makes sense