wanting to create samples of 3D EeZ that I can give away..

wanting to create samples of 3D EeZ that I can give away… I am thinking like a Ketchup packet… does anyone have any suggestions or know where i can get such a thing done on a low budget


@Eclsnowman Appears to be a print surface treatment/substrate. @argas231 im usually able to improvise on suppliers for certain things, but a blister packaging for a liquid in small low cost volumes…interesting challenge. anything beyond plain cardboard boxes for packaging, in small volumes is usually cost prohibitive. When faced with such supplier problems, it often ends up that a cheap home brew solution can be your answer. I did a basic google search (to satisfy curiousity) for “low cost packaging for a liquid” which turned up a few interesting links and other keywords. It also turned up this YT link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbxBxtbZvUM which (depending on your volumes) might spark some ideas for a very basic filling machine. You could probably get everything you need from a home depot shop.
I think using a blister pack akin to a small ketchup/mayo pack that you get with your burger is your real issue/hurdle here. Its an automated plant process to hold the blister packet, fill it and seal it. It also wont ship very well, ie due to it being a soft pouch might get easily burst in the post, so in itself it would subsequently need a small protector like a box. Sometimes with such things you just have to hit them head on. I think the small plastic containers you have used previously are probably your ideal solution if you can get smaller ones. Even a medical syringe with an aquarium hose would help with volume control into several small sample containers. Perhaps build a small lever contraption for the syringe a bit like in the linked video above. Would be quite easy to do. HTH.

Occured to me the possibility of using just a small syringe similar to CPU heat paste etc. Supplied with a push on cap? Easy volume control when filling, easy to fill, easy to ship…just a thought :slight_smile:
Bear in mind - samples and low budget might be opposing strategies also.

I would like a sample of this, like one to go to @Eclsnowman as well, if possible. I may be able to assist with volume…

Dropper bottles! http://amzn.com/B00KD76CO8

you guys have been very helpful… Thank you much as for samples Contact me i will send you some right now my sample size is larger than i would want… hence my Inquiry

Very cool. When you get the samples to the size you like, please let me know. I’ll happily pay shipping.

I would like to give it a shot as well. I’m currently using PEI sheet but there will be a printer or two that will have bare glass.

@Isaac_Arciaga I now have a small smaple size that I like that I can give away for free to various Print Hubs to try out and for individuals that would like to try 3D EeZ send me your address and I can send you a sample