Want to upgrade board to 32bit need advice

i know for c3d board but she cost like k40 40w so for me too expensive
i look ebay and aliexpress for 32bit controllers and grbl-lpc firmware
(https://github.com/cprezzi/grbl-LPC/releases) that aztec c3d (not possible to get mini how i see it) mks and smoothie
only i can find are 999$ aztec something 5 board
and load of clones and by looking at them they all look like c3d board minus flat cable connector
so which one on kinda low budget to buy to be kinda ok for my k40 40w ?
will use grbl-lpc firmware on it

Have you looked at the awesome tech mini Gerbil controller? It’s cheaper than the c3d controller but it only does 2 axis (x,y)

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The miniGerbil uses GRBL-Stm, but is as good as GRBL-LPC so that is not an issue. It is a plug and play, drop in controller with all the correct connectors for the K40. I have one and like it, but its only limitation is that you can not use it to control a dedicated rotary attachment or motorized Z bed.

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yea i see these but 2 axis are limited ,my next upgrade is rotary
second they say it use 75mhz vs 100-120mhz cpu
so nop … what are these
BIGTREETECH SKR V1.3 Control Board 32 Bit ARM CPU with tmc 2130 drivers with LPC1768
so this is compatible with grbl-lpc ?
50$ is price with tmc drivers

bah wont work with grbl lpc how i read … just smoothie
mks sbase 1.3 is another one that one have compiled firmware from grbl-lpc
and it’s for lasers … yeey
now to find guide how to connect all wires :slight_smile:

I don’t know the Bigtreetech SKR board, but if the board is compatible with Smoothieware, it should also work with Grbl-LPC. To get it working, I will at least need a board pinout or schematics.

Another very cheap option is the Grbl-ESP32 CNC board (see: https://github.com/bdring/Grbl_Esp32).

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that look nice too
but how to connect k40 to that ?
https://github.com/bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-V1.3 all data for skr 1.3
she look like rest of smoothie boards just 5 axis

Cheap AND easy is demanding a bit much :wink:

I checked the pinout of the SKR board and must say it will not work with grbl-LPC (because the pinout is completely messed up). Grbl needs to have all step pins on one port, all direction pins on one port and all enable pins on one port, which is not the case on the SKR board.

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so only that mks sbase then work from cheap ones :frowning:
will that grbl-esp32 work with k40 ?

You can get an MKS SBase for less than 45$. I would suggest you take that.

The Grbl-ESP32 CNC controller would work with a K40, but cabling is more complicated than with the MKS.

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do you have cabling plans how to connect sbase to k40 ?

I don’t have a wiring plan, but it should be easy enough to find out. It’s just two steppers, two endswitches and the connection to the laser power supply (bed mosfet negative pin to LPS L pin and GND to GND).

Do you have a K40 with ribbon cable or normal cables?

Ribbon cable

so only i need to see which go to nema and which one to x min ?
y is easy i guess ,power same like c3d ,only one thing i dont know how to get pwm ?

For optical homing switches you need to connect 5V, GND and signal from the endstop plugs on the MKS board. Mechanical switches only need signal and GND.

PWM is on P2.5 (bed mosfet).

See instructions on firmware release page https://github.com/cprezzi/grbl-LPC/releases.

Thanks for help ,one more is it possible to change drivers for some of tmc kind ? I read that d8k drivers got some bug ,that cause step skipping

The drivers on the MKS board are soldered, but there are pins to connect external drivers.
For me the onboard drivers work just fine for Nema17 motors.

ok thanks …

now wait for board and hope i understand all u tell me :slight_smile:


ok mks sbase is in my hands ,got 3 normal endstops for bonus :slight_smile:
i flash with grbl-lpc normal one
y is ok power don’t know … it have 2 similar connectors near one say power i plug 12v/10a external
in to sbase … do i need 24 v it say 12-24v on board ?
got spare 12v/21amp if i need more amps
i ordered middleman board for tape x axis ,
L to pwm removed led by this guide https://discourseuploadspace.sfo2.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/original/2X/3/3ac3672f6a462cf9ec100b08cf48bedeba223241.jpeg
do i need anything else to do ?