Want to hack a basic?

(NotEnoughTECH) #1

Want to hack a #sonoff basic? Here is how to do this and why it’s worth it!

(Jeroen Meijer) #2

I would suggest to re-flash all your SonOffs with Tasmota. It’s fantastic software that can do everything you want, and a lot more.

(NotEnoughTECH) #3

@Jeroen_Meijer I’ll give it a go next week. I looked into that and it looks very attractive :wink:
Thanks for suggesting it regardless

(Jeroen Meijer) #4

You’re welcome. You probably won’t look back :wink: I have about 15 in my house, and a dual and a quad. Also a 433 MHz Sonoff Bridge. All run Tasmota, use MQTT for communications and Node-RED as automation hub.