Walking stick for a friend.

(Mark Kriegsman) #1

Walking stick for a friend.
For Halloween, my friend Nisit wanted to light up a cheap party-story walking stick with a water-filled ‘jewel’ on the head of it. Here’s what I sent him off with…

I have to say, I really love “relighting” existing objects like this.

The code is a variation on “Color Waves With Palette”: https://gist.github.com/kriegsman/8281905786e8b2632aeb

(Marc Miller) #2

I bet he’s loving it!

(Thomas Runge) #3

looking around

“ColorWavesWithPalettes” and “Fire2012WithPalette”.

What else does one need? Both cover 80% of all requirements. :wink:

(Mark Kriegsman) #4

What else? NoisePlusPalette, I’d say!

(Thomas Runge) #5

Now we are at 95%! :wink:

(Marc Miller) #6

They say the last 5% is always the hardest. EVERY_N_MILLISECONDS and random8 should definatelying add a percent or two more.