+voodoomm Just checked in the latest XBox controller widget to Github.

+voodoomm Just checked in the latest XBox controller widget to Github. It looks awesome, but I haven’t tested it. If others can test, that would be awesome. There’s a nice settings tab now as well.

Not a comprehensive test but everything I tried worked great. Much better than using the keyboard as I do not have to keep looking back at the screen.
Nice job and thanks +Voodoomn (this G+ ID does not resolve?).


What’s one of these controllers cost? Are they wireless? Which controllers are supported? Any chance of getting a button to zero out a particular cord system. Ie a work flow of jog to corner of material hit zero g54 button, then you can hit cycle start with out having to go back to the keyboard. And maybe a button to dived speed / increments by 10 so when you are getting close you can slow down.

@donkjr It’s me. Thanks for trying it out.
@Paul_Shaw A brand new wireless controller can be had for about $50. Just about any (pc compatible) xbox controller should work. I use an old wireless x360 controller with a usb adapter. I like your suggestions. Definitely doable. There are plenty of buttons left and functionality could even be configured individually on the settings tab. I just tried to get the basic stuff down first.

Right I’ll have to work out how to get it working. @jlauer will it be added to the default tinyg workspace? Super excited for this I purchased a wireless pendant but never worked out how to get it working. Jogging the machine to zero out at the start of the job takes me lots of time.

It’s already in there under the widgets.

So what you are saying if I connect an xbox controller to my laptop I will be able to jog my chilippr /tinyg cnc without any programming

@snooper_ace You got it. Make sure you connect your Xbox controller before you open ANY Chrome or Firefox browser windows. That caught me initially. I had to fully exit all windows and relaunch the browser to see it work.