Visiting Roma Makers was a nice experience.

Visiting Roma Makers was a nice experience. Great lab Mauro! But I must say that quadrap printer have a lot of competition there.

Hehe great day thx Karel :slight_smile:

Every machine lock :slight_smile: but yup we have too much 3d printers with good look :stuck_out_tongue: . As you know I love quadrap because think out of standard…

3000e for make manual?


disgusting kickstarter

Is Bruno Ratia a member of this group?

No…see it on fb …spammer

… and kickstarter no remove it… that response from my reclaim…

applause for @Kickstarter

Community manager no have possible to claims for we work… sigh!

For all message for my reclaim!

Kickstarter Integrity (Kickstarter)

Jan 20, 2:51 PM

Hi there,

Kickstarter takes claims of intellectual property infringement seriously. For information on our copyright and trademark policies, as well as how to report an infringement, please see the following pages:

Please note, we can only process claims made by the person whose work is being infringed.