VisiCut now supports the stock M2 Nano controller

The LibLaserCut( ) had new support for the M2 Nano controller so by default that means VisiCut( ) supports the M2 controller.

I had replaced my M2 controller a few months after getting the K40 up and running so have not tried this but when someone does, please post status here and if you find a bug, please post an issue at the liblasercut repo so it can be updated. Thomas is very willing to keep liblasercut working so feedback is very helpful to everyone.


Thank you @dougl, like you I switch board, but I am a Visicut fan, since it was that software make me mod my K40 many years ago.

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It is so awesome to see the great options for control of the K40 that have come about in past few years.

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The new New to K40: Start Here document lists VisiCut supporting M2Nano and gcode, and hopefully soon we can add it to the Ruida list too. :slight_smile: