Viki2 and Re-Arm with Smoothie

Yes, I have had issues with my Viki2 LCD since the start. I have set up smoothie per Panucatt’s website. Everything will run fine for about 8 hours then the LCD starts to get vertical white lines which makes reading the display difficult. Soon after it will totally white and you can’t read anything and turning the system on/off or pressing the reset doesn’t correct the problem. The system has to be powered down for at least 8 hours before it will work for a bit. The longer that the system is off the longer it will be before I have an issue with the banding on the LCD. I have contacted Panucatt several times and they even said they would send a new display but after several months I’ve given up waiting for it to arrive. I’ve checked all the wiring for the 6x6 cable from the display to the Re-Arm board and everything checks out. I’m out of ideas. I currently have 3 active tickets with Panucatt and have yet to receive an answer on any of them.

Randall Black

Sounds like a termal problem on the display. I guess you have to replace it.