VigoTEC VG-L7X - New Issues

Okay, First, thank you, you guys, for the help you’ve rendered thus far. Though seemingly futile, I am back into the VigoWORKS program to get the laser working. LaserGRBL, Candle, LaserWEB and LightBright have been an absolute bust. I cannot Flash the controller with GRBL Firmware from any of the aforementioned programs and while LaserGRBL turns the laser on, the motors just like lock up and wont move.

Now, after tinkering with the COM5 Port thing and getting the laser to connect via USB to my laptop, it seems like the VigoWORKS is running the laser “fine”…


Problem #1 the program won’t load my DXF or photos, it only pulls up a blank box. It will load the pre-saved clipart from within it’s own program but nothing I have personally saved or created will pull up.

Problem #2 How on God’s green earth do I reverse the XY settings or get it to stop working from the center of projects? I’m used to 0,0 being Lower Left, but this thing is Upper Left and works from the center of projects. So if I am at 0,0 it works into the negative range and slams itself into skipping… Do I just have to always center it randomly and check the workspace?

I guess the good news is, with your guys’ help, I have found new resolve and patience to get this working and I don’t feel like my $200 was an absolute waste. I cannot express my appreciation enough for all the help!!

#1 Haven’t worked that out so far :frowning:
#2 Settings window will let you change stating point from center to ‘uper left’ and also reverse X or Y axis. Remember to click ‘set as a start’ (top right - main screen) to remember actual starting point.

Found a new Software for VG-L7 and VG-L7X.
DXF should work now.