VIGOTEC VG-L7X - cutting acrylic, adding limit switches, using laserGRBL

I received a VIGOTEC VG-L7X for Christmas and have had fun with it, but several issues and concerns have come up.

  1. I see demos online of lasers easily cutting and engraving clear acrylic sheets but I have been unsuccessful in making it do so. I’ve tried putting masking tape on each side of the acrylic sheet but the tape is cut on both sides with the acrylic sheet almost untouched. I do see in the advertisement that it states it can not cut transparent materials - is that due to the power or frequency of the laser?
  2. This machine would be SO much better if it had limit switches so I could consistently return to the exact same starting point. Have any of you successfully added end stops ?
  3. I’ve seen many concerns about the software that ships with this machine. I found that the laserGrBL (specific version for this machine) works very well and is easy to use.

Hi LeRoy and welcome to the forum.

Because of the wavelength these lasers use they can not be used on acrylic.

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I have used such lasers on black acrylic and believe the other than clear or those with a bluish tinge to them you may have some success. As to clear, if you can get small pieces and experiment with coating on side with maybe black paint. Otherwise for clear a CO2 would be best. Also be aware of the fumes from cutting acrylic. Nasty stuff it is. I am using an NEJE Master 2/2S Max with the 40 watt module. Just so you know. Depending on the thickness of the sheet it may take several passes. If NEJE is correct about the optical power then I have been doing it at 7 watts of power. Also I use a honeycomb base for cutting so as to not have the opposite side(bottom) show signs of partial melting beyond the cut.

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