Vigotec VG-L7 not defined

Hello guys, this is my first post and I’ve got a problem.
Keep in mind that i’m a newbie.
So the problem: I bought a VigoEngraver VG-L7: at the beginning all works fine but now I saw that when engraving the text is not really defined as you can see from the image below.

I tried to change the motion parameter but nothing change: I don’t understand if the problem is the laser itself or the motion.
Can you please help me? Thank you really much

Welcome to the forum.

Im not familiar with that particular engraver, but the looks like unwanted movement on the axis.

I would suggest checking the belt tensions, guide wheels etc.

Which axes is that “wobble” appearing on ?


Yes that’s the problem.
Thank you very much for the help.

See if this helps: Don's Laser Things: MoBeam: Text Engraving

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Simple things first: Check for wobble on the carriages that move the X-axis and the laser head.

I have a VG-L7X which is very similar to the L7. I was printing trapeziums when the model is rectangular.

The culprit was a wobbly Y axis, fixed by fitting acentric spacers for the screws on the rollers that support the x-axis arm. I have been printing perfect rectangles ever since ;-). If the laser head carriage wobbles as well, you might like to put acentric spacers on that as well, although I’m not sure that that is as critical.

Tell us how you go…


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At the end it was the belt of Y-axis thas was loose a bit.
Now works really well.
Thank you very much for your time.

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Great that you found the problem. I still suggest fitting acentric spacers like the ones shown in Don’s post to remove any “wobble” in the x or y carriage. They only cost a few $ for a packet of 10 and will prevent any future problems with inaccuracy in the etchings.

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