Vigotec VG-L7 BX20 image sizing/ printable area

The main reason I purchased the Vigotec was because it was supposed to have a much larger printing area. I recently made an engraving from a wedding photo which turned out rather well after a lot of trial and error but, I kept getting an error that the image size was larger than the printable area. When I finally got to an area that the machine would accept, the final engraving was only about 4"W x 5"H. I think that only equates to about 101mm by 127 mm. The machine is supposed to have a printable area of about 190mm by 330 mm. What must I do to improve the printing area on my Vigotec BX20 laser engraver? Thank you very much for an anticipated reply. God Bless! Bob

I have my Vigotec L7/BX20 for 2 weeks now and by playing with the settings and giving the expected
size (using jpg files with 300dpi) on the right side of the menu (the mm-settings near the hands)
I manged to make some nice plywood burns & cuts. I tell this because it worked - for a while.
After entering some not-so-good parameters I could not switch back to proper working mode.

My solution and hint:

In the download package of there is also a not too old version of “grbl”
(called “Standard_Grbl_v1.1f.hex”) and instructions for loading it to the Cutter.
Now I am using and I am happy - stable as a rock. If you add some additional
buttons, it is as convinient as the china-software (the dxf option seems not to be too brilliant anyway).
“Brightness PWM value” should “1” for a nice orientation point, “1000” for cutting (full power).
The only thing that does not work is the laser fan: it is always ON - which translates to “noisy”.

If somebody walks this route and finds out how to

  • control the fan (M08, M09 does NOT work)
  • add homing switches (the L7 has none)
    please respond :slight_smile:

Long first post - Regards Wood