VigoTec laser engraver problems

Greetings and thanks for letting me join the forum. I purchased a VigoTec BX20 laser engraver and do not have the Preview, Confirm, and Start buttons shown in the user manual. I can move the laser with the arrow buttons on the VigoTec screen and the laser seems to focus well and burn the wood in one place when I turn the laser on manually but, I cannot start a controlled engraving without those buttons, I am not very computer literate but, I tried to up-load the X-loader files to see if they were necessary but, they do not seem to load. There is no progress bar to watch progress. I hope someone can get me up and running. Thanks very much!

Greetings! I’m back already because I did finally get the laser engraver working and now I have new questions, I want to enclose this unit (VigoTec Bx20w laser engraver) with acrylic for safety reasons, What color acrylic would be appropriate for the wave-length of the 20W laser I am using, please? Also,
if anyone has started writing down a cheat sheet for the best laser percentage, duration of the burn, etc. I would appreciate it greatly if you could share it with me and the group. I will personally be using Baltic Birch Ply most frequently and just need a deep enough burn for a clear image but, am also interested in what others are engraving and the settings they are using, Thank you all very much!

Good call on enclosing it for safety!

@Adam_Haile made his Engravinator open source, and its BOM lists 2422 Orange acrylic but he notes that it hasn’t been lab-tested to block the blue laser.

You can get laser tested acrylic here;

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It works perfectly fine. My note there is just covering myself legally. It’s the same stuff that J Tech sells, just not lab tested for compliance with each batch (at least not from my supplier).


Thank you for the replies about the acrylic! I appreciate it.