Vigo VG-L7X swap to GRBL compatible control board

Hi there, new to all this so please be gentle with me! Having sizing issues with the Vigo Tech software, having read around the subject a little, it appears that there are a lot of issues around this product and the simplest answer is to change the control board to something compatible with GRBL. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement board if they have found this to be a sucessful solution? Thanks in advance!

Here are instructions that @LuA_Knives provided for how to update the firmware to be standard GRBL on the board that is shipped with the product:


Thanks mcdanlj for the rapid reply, it is very much appreciated. I will have a go and updating the firmware.


Have had a look at the software that came with the machine and cannot see that hex file anywhere. Is there anywhere I can download it from?

Thank you again.

Sorry ignore my last post!

OK so I cannot get the firmware to update on this device. I found the GRBL firmware and used the supplied XLOADER, carefully following the instructions but it eventually failed (after a few hours). After this, the supplied Vigotec software no longer connects and trying to update back to the supplied firmware fails - so I appear to be screwed! Can anyone help? If I need to buy a new control board, can anyone recomment one that is compatible with the 4 pin Vigo laser? Thanks.


Does anyone have a spare or replacement control board for Vigo VG L7X, I have pulled the mini USB off the board moving the machine. Still works on WiFi though.
Alternatively I have purchased a GRBL control board but the laser has four wires and the GRBL board only 3?
The lead fourth wire is the temperature sender but the laser won’t come on with it not connected …any ideas?

Many thanks
John H