Vigo Tec L-7 BX20 Laser Engraver Replacement Belts

Can anyone please inform me of a reputable seller of replacement belts for these Chinese Laser Engravers, please?
This model is supposed to have an engraving area of 190cm x 330cm so, the belt on the
arm (transom/Gambril/proper term?) is longer than some of the Ortur or Neje machines.
Thanks and God Bless! Bob

I bought mine from here

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The vigotec solid state engravers might be gt-2 belt rather than the MXL belt that the K40 CO2 lasers use.

The K40 use imperial belt because they run in thousandths of an inch, but I think the the solid state engravers use metric and thus probably sport a metric belt.

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Thank you, Duncan and Michael,
I think Michael is probably correct that the Chinese laser engraver I have from
Vigo Tec is probably metric measurements.
God Bless! Bob