Video of the RepRap Graphics LCD Controller online.

Video of the RepRap Graphics LCD Controller online. Have a look at my campaign:

Is this using the panelolu LCD interface?

This LCD controller is using a graphics LCD in contrary to the panelolu LCD. Interfacing is not the same. My graphics LCD controller need less amount of interface cables compared to the panelolu.

Sounds great. I’m curious if I can connect it to Printrbot Printrboard. There are a few guides to connect panelolu.

First it is important that Marlin runs on your printrboard. Connecting this graphics LCD shield seems to be possible. I’ll post an update on my Blog later this evening. The SD-Card slot is not working because printrboard has its own.

Update… The SD-Card slot can replace the onboard reader like it is done with the panelolu.

In my Blog i started to explain how to connect the GLCD Board to the PrintrBoard.