Video of my first self-built 3D printer,

(Volker Klaffehn) #1

Video of my first self-built 3D printer, inspired and partly done with a MakiBox :slight_smile: After having some problems with skipped steps, I added cooling to the ramps and powersupply and adjusted the motor current. Now its happily printing at 120mm/sec :slight_smile:

(Volker Klaffehn) #2

Even 180mm/s possible :slight_smile:

(Peter Hertel) #3

Cool stuff! Love the way you built the xy motion, which I have not seen done like that before.

(Volker Klaffehn) #4

Thanks! That drive was inspired by my MakiBox, incorporating the same problems : ringing when changing direction and some wobble, when you are to far away from the origin, because of flexing parts. bur at 60mm/s prints come out quite nice.