via PaulStoffregen : Little PCB using MAX485 for sending serial (including WS2812B /

via @PaulStoffregen :

Little PCB using MAX485 for sending serial (including WS2812B / NeoPixel) data over long distances in noisy environments.

Thanks for sharing, Paul!

Nice share!

What a handy little board. Thanks for sharing, and to @PaulStoffregen ​ for creating.

These work well! Another issue it solves is differing ground and power sources. The rs485 Receiver side creates signaling based off of its power source and not the controllers! Don’t need to worry about the controller ground being connected to the pixels anymore… just connect the pixels to the same soorce as the rs485 receiver ground. many problems solved! One reason I chose teensy/octo for my controller project is so I can easily add this option if needed.

I made a very similar prototype last year Pretty much the same components minus a couple caps. Should get over 300ft.

Very nice. Just what i need. Thanks a lot Paul

What is the advantage here over the common maxrs485 breakouts you see on eBay. Thanks.

There are many options including ones you can get on eBay etc. The one Paul has is optimized for using them as pairs without the need to set jumpers or wires to define receive or send. Typically rs485 is designed to handle multiple devices on the “bus” wires. Where this one is point to point the resistors are set properly for end to end . If your a DIY type this is a great option.

I see thanks.