VGL7X firmware issue and suitable replacment board

Hi, after unsuccessfully trying to install the laser grbl firmware on my Vigotech L7X, aparently it only works on L7 and nor L7X WiFi, I have decided to look into replacing the control board. Can anyonr reccomend a suitable replacment? Preferably from a UK supplier?
Many thanks in advance…

Have you tried this???
Looks like you have to bypass the wifi.

Hi, many thanks. Looks doable but unfortunately I am a bit shaky due to old age setting in, and although I am reasonably competent at soldering I do not feel confident tackling something so small…

I have the same problem and I get by with a pair of tweezers and


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Cheers, I can order one of those on UK Amazon. I haven’t done so far as I’m not sure of the quality…

I have been happy with mine … I have two of them :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: great stuff! :slightly_smiling_face:

I updated the software and now use my vigotech using procedures here: Vigotech-VG-L7X/CustomFirmware-VG-L7x at main · arkypita/Vigotech-VG-L7X · GitHub
Now I can use any of the standard laser software (I now use LightBurn)