VG L7X Laser woes

Hi all, I am struggling with my new Vigotech I won’t recognize DXF files, it will import them but VigoWorks says there is “no image present”. I have tried different flavors of Autodesk dxf, 2018 won’t work, 2012 imports then VigoWorks hangs, 2010 works but misses a section of the file. See pictures. I read a thread here that detailed a way of making the VG L7X work with Lightburn by downgrading the firmware but I can no longer find the thread. Was I dreaming or is this possible?
Many thanks, Nick.

Not sure if this would help but I once exported DXF files from Fusion 360 and they would not load into LightBurn correctly but I could open in Inkscape and then save/export as PDF from Inkscape and LightBurn had no problem with it.

Something about many standards and components of PDF versions…

It’s at least understood to be possible! :relaxed:

I just added the #vigotec tag to this post. If you click on the tag at the top of the post or the hashtag in my response here, it takes you to these results:

Inside a monster thread (51 replies) available there, the 40th reply gives the step-by-step:

Cheers, many thanks. I will give it a whirl and report back.:slightly_smiling_face:

Should the machine be on or off when uploading fw?

Firmware upload been running for 14 hours now and no signs of finishing…

I’ve only had the VG LX7 for a short time. Neither DXF nor G-Code imports will work properly even with the latest version of Vigoworks. Flashing new firmware was frought with frustration, and now I’m back with Vigoworks and the original firmware. While flashing the firmware XLoader did not seem to complete the process for a couple of hours, so I interrrupted it, and when I turned everything back on it was all fine.

As a side note. The author of LaserGRBL has recently added support for Vigo machines, which use a non-standard version of GRBL. With the LX7 the control board is unusual too… So you can’t flash standard GRBL firmware to make it work. (I found this out the hard way) the LX7 is not the same as the L7. Take care!

If you download the latest version of Laser GRBL you CAN configure it for use with Vigotec machines now, but I found this to be a bit unreliable and you lose some features…

Hope that the above experience helps someone…