VG L7X Laser woes

Hi all, I am struggling with my new Vigotech I won’t recognize DXF files, it will import them but VigoWorks says there is “no image present”. I have tried different flavors of Autodesk dxf, 2018 won’t work, 2012 imports then VigoWorks hangs, 2010 works but misses a section of the file. See pictures. I read a thread here that detailed a way of making the VG L7X work with Lightburn by downgrading the firmware but I can no longer find the thread. Was I dreaming or is this possible?
Many thanks, Nick.

Not sure if this would help but I once exported DXF files from Fusion 360 and they would not load into LightBurn correctly but I could open in Inkscape and then save/export as PDF from Inkscape and LightBurn had no problem with it.

Something about many standards and components of PDF versions…

It’s at least understood to be possible! :relaxed:

I just added the #vigotec tag to this post. If you click on the tag at the top of the post or the hashtag in my response here, it takes you to these results:

Inside a monster thread (51 replies) available there, the 40th reply gives the step-by-step:

Cheers, many thanks. I will give it a whirl and report back.:slightly_smiling_face:

Should the machine be on or off when uploading fw?

Firmware upload been running for 14 hours now and no signs of finishing…