VG-L7X : Engraving AND Cutting?

Has anyone tried to engrave AND cut the engraved parts with one of the Chinese made laser engravers like the VG-L7x and the Vigoworks software?

Would appreciate knowing if it can be done and if so how. I have cut plywood and engraved wood but no both at the same time on the same workpiece. I think that the only way to do it is to separate the cutting lines from the parts to be engraved and do one after the other. Is that correct?

I can’t comment on the Vigoworks software, but it is typical for most laser control software to need a separate path / line for cutting. At least it’s usually easier to do it that way. Are you using software for designing, like Inkscape?

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Thank you for replying… Vigoworks is what came with the L7X. I tried LaserGRBL but the GRBL implementation in the L7X is unusual and requires work arounds to get other software to work… Sticking with VigoWorks for now.

I was hoping to be able to use FreeCAD and export to GCode or DXF… But Vigo has not implemented the GCode import, and I have started to find that there is no such thing as 'standard DXF"

So its JPG right now… I’ve done some nice etchings onto home made ukulele tops, and tried laser cutting from JPG templates successfully… I was surprised at the degree of accuracy that you can get from JPG cuts/engravings.

I downloaded Inkscape, but I found the interface quite confusing and complicated (yet another bit of software to learn… I used Paint.Net (which I paid for and hence want to use it over other programs for JPG creation/editing.

I think I will fix the L7X to a board and create some way to mount the sheet material on the board. I gues that if I draw the etch and the cuts together and then save them to separate JPGs. then I can engrave first and cut after provided that neither the engraver nor the work moves.

I was hoping for a one stage process. But if not available than I’ll try the above.