VG-L7S Mechanical Structure

I haven’t even powered up my VG-L7S and already stumbled into some concerning findings.
I replaced the sideframe with versions that were longer so the unit would be more stable.
I immediately noticed alignment errors.

The significant finding is that the carriage wheels in the Vslot have a lot of “Vslop”.
There is no adjustment to tighten them up.

Although this is a Laser unit topic I wanted to solicit advice from anyone familiar with cantilever
and Vslot machines.

Isn’t it traditional to have eccentric mounts for 2 of the 4 wheels in a Vslot setup like this??
Any advice on using these: Befenybay 10PCS Hexagonal Eccentric Column, 10PCS Round Column, Height 6mm Inner Hole 5mm for V Wheel 3D Printer Parts (Eccentric Column 6mm Height): Industrial & Scientific

Although I will probably make changes to remove the cantilever I will test it like it is to assess its stock ability :-1:.

More details here: Don's Laser Cutter Things: VG-L7X Frame: First observations

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