Vg-L7 red light on circuit board

Hi I just bought this laser branded vigotec.

On the circuit board are these two lights, each to either side of the white female connection to the pwm chord.

Why is only one of my lights on, it is preventing me from even testing it.

Can you provide more information on the laser: model, link to where you bought it etc.

Why do you think the lights are preventing your from testing it??

I bought it off of banggood.

It shows this red light on the circuit board

It is preventing the laser from even turning on from the test circuit board and software.

Please describe the entire test setup including what and how you are driving the laser.
I was unable to find any information on that Laser modules interface or the function of the led’s.
Are there any manufacture markings on the laser module itself. Not so sure the module is made by Vigotec.