Vevor, good/bad

Any here have experience with the company Vevor? They sell a large CNC engraver on Amazon

A little weird that they are using the “Evolution 4” name from bobscnc for an aluminum-frame router that looks more like an OX derivative than its namesake, though unlike the OX it uses NEMA17 steppers, the same size used in typical 3d printers. Looks like a pretty basic kit, they don’t even include end stops.

Given that it is a kit, you might consider comparing it in price to other 1 meter by 1 meter kits. LEAD CNC Router Machine Full Kit – BULK-MAN 3D is a very similar price for what looks to me like a substantially better product in many regards.

I have not purchased from either. Just comparing to what I learned from build and upgrades to my large format OX.

Well I have had bad and good with it and them. At first the instructions were rather sparse, but a video they posted up helped alot. The info on the thumb drive also in conjunction with the wiring. Only problem I have now is they must have been rushed with the Z axis assembly. They forgot to mount the bumpers for the endstops. Now I’m emailing them about it. They responded fairly quick but we seem to be having a communcation problem. The package they sent which I was inform was to the bumpers didn’t contain them. Seem to contain mounting hardware for the endstops which I don’t need. Sent them an email with and antidoted image from the assembly manual pointing out what’s missing. Hope this clears it up. Otherwise I guess it’s not too bad a setup. I must admit the one you post is very impressive in comparsion. Mostly a bit of hobby I would say is how I’m approaching this.

Well they dropped the ball as far as I am concern. When I got the email to my stating that what they sent wasn’t what was needed and suggested that I find my own source for the missing part, that sealed it for me. Wont be dealing with them in the future. I did find something that might work on Amazon. I hoping to receive tomorrow.

Hey guys, i purchased my Vevor Evolution back in December 2021, the assembly was not terrible, however it would have been great to know that the electrical wiring instructions were on the included thumb drive, never the less i have an electrical background so I was able to wire everything up, I ran a few projects on it and somehow one the Y axis stepper motors came unplugged at the motor connection, the Y axis stopped working, i contacted Vevor via email and they had me do some troubleshooting, after a day or so it was deemed that the controller was the issue,. I was sent a replacement controller, this had to come from China so it took several weeks, when i received the controller it had no instructions, so I decided to open the big black control box and take a look to see if it was a direct replacement part, and it was, so i disconnected everything and installed the new controller and put everything back together, everything worked after that, however, keep an eye out on the belt tension because they will stretch and skip teeth on the drive pulleys and mess up your job that your routing. I was never happy with the D.C. Spindle so i upgraded it to a Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP 110 volt router motor, I am pleased with the router now, its not perfect but it does the job for me, hope this helps, Donald

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