Vevor, good/bad

Any here have experience with the company Vevor? They sell a large CNC engraver on Amazon

A little weird that they are using the “Evolution 4” name from bobscnc for an aluminum-frame router that looks more like an OX derivative than its namesake, though unlike the OX it uses NEMA17 steppers, the same size used in typical 3d printers. Looks like a pretty basic kit, they don’t even include end stops.

Given that it is a kit, you might consider comparing it in price to other 1 meter by 1 meter kits. LEAD CNC Router Machine Full Kit – BULK-MAN 3D is a very similar price for what looks to me like a substantially better product in many regards.

I have not purchased from either. Just comparing to what I learned from build and upgrades to my large format OX.

Well I have had bad and good with it and them. At first the instructions were rather sparse, but a video they posted up helped alot. The info on the thumb drive also in conjunction with the wiring. Only problem I have now is they must have been rushed with the Z axis assembly. They forgot to mount the bumpers for the endstops. Now I’m emailing them about it. They responded fairly quick but we seem to be having a communcation problem. The package they sent which I was inform was to the bumpers didn’t contain them. Seem to contain mounting hardware for the endstops which I don’t need. Sent them an email with and antidoted image from the assembly manual pointing out what’s missing. Hope this clears it up. Otherwise I guess it’s not too bad a setup. I must admit the one you post is very impressive in comparsion. Mostly a bit of hobby I would say is how I’m approaching this.

Well they dropped the ball as far as I am concern. When I got the email to my stating that what they sent wasn’t what was needed and suggested that I find my own source for the missing part, that sealed it for me. Wont be dealing with them in the future. I did find something that might work on Amazon. I hoping to receive tomorrow.