Very, very close to pulling the trigger on the Large OX in a box

(James Rivera) #1

Very, very close to pulling the trigger on the Large OX in a box from Any recommendations on additional purchases I will need (or just want) to get anyway?

(Isaac Arciaga) #2


(James Rivera) #3

@Isaac_Arciaga I selected the wheel upgrades (more/extreme solid). I was thinking of getting some spoiler board nuts, too. Bits are something I was alluding to, but have not even begun to fully investigate yet. @Alex_Lee which bits have you used to cut aluminum? Which would you recommend? I also want to be able to cut plywood, MDF, and probably acrylic.

(James Rivera) #4

BTW, what is the difference between “SMW3D Shipping” and UPS Ground? (the 2 cheapest options).

(Matt Miller) #5

1/8" 2-flute up cut for aluminum. Dillman1 on ebay.

(James Rivera) #6

Trigger pulled! OMG…what have I done?!? :wink:

(Matt Miller) #7

Welcome to the club! You won’t regret it!

(James Rivera) #8

@Matt_Miller I already regret it! j/k Looking forward to assembling my new toy tool. :slight_smile:

(James Rivera) #9

@Alex_Lee I bought 2 of the small 1/8" 2-flute end mill bits (because I’m sure I’ll break the first one), plus a ball end 2-flute end mill bit, and a 6mm ER11 collet to hold it.

(James Rivera) #10

@Matt_Miller I couldn’t find “Dillman1” on eBay, but there is a “drillman1” who seems to be highly rated. Is that who you meant?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #11

@James_Rivera yeah that’s the one. I got some carbide bits there a while back, good service.

(James Rivera) #12

Cool, thanks @raykholo and @Matt_Miller !

(Walter Everett) #13

I just “finished” my SMW3D large ox and found some items to order: large red e-stop button, extra t-nuts and brackets to bolt down the MDF, and limit switches.
Good luck and have fun…

(James Rivera) #14

@Walter_Everett ​ I bought the big red E-stop button and some spoil board nuts. Hopefully, I won’t need any extra t-nuts.

(James Rivera) #15

Limit switches! Duh. Hmmm…I’d like to try using induction sensors. Will they work with TinyG? I guess I will find out…

(Peter Pollard) #16

Enjoy the ride mate I have everything bar bar the rails and plates and wheels :slight_smile:

(Kevin Hauser) #17

@James_Rivera Others have definitely used proximity sensors with the TinyG. I also recommend a look at ChiliPeppr ( as long as you have internet in your shop…

And I’m very jealous. I have a Shapeoko 2 that I wouldn’t have if I’d seen this earlier.