Very exciting development!

Very exciting development!

Possible lawsuit target though. This one is currently in court for patent infringement claims:

Wonder how strong the finished prints are? Could I use them to create an iphone bike mount (always my main test - I dont want to but it sums up the critical nature of print failures)
Are the prints light stable?

I can understand a lawsuit against a company selling pre-built printers, though against someone logging their build on the internet and selling parts they designed!

@Phil_Waud that depends on the resin and how well it’s used — ranging from very good to not so great.

@Justin_Hawkins How do you think the eventual output quality of your printer design will compare to say the FormLabs SLA Printer?
Should it theoretically be able to produce the same high quality?

Looks interesting but I am still waiting for the last printer I funded over a year ago.

Which printer was that?