VECTOR INPUT - The file has minor issues. Please check document is correctly loaded

Hey guys,
I have a problem with my LaserWeb. I imported an SVG-Vector File (built with Illustrator - the text exported as SVG, didn’t work … before exporting I converted the text into vectors … Didn’t work too)

After importing in LaserWeb, I always get the same issue …
“The file has minor issues. Please check document is correctly loaded”

The “o” in this text isn’t in the gcode as always … I don’t know how to fix the Problem! I think the font isn’t as good … But I don’t know why I have the same issues after converting into vectors before exporting.

Do you have an idea?!

thanks a los for your help and excuse my bad-school-english! :slight_smile:

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No need to apologize for your english, it is a s good as most people who speak it natively :slight_smile:

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Text always needs to be converted to pathes (lines) as LaserWeb (and most other softwares) can not interpret fonts. Illustrator is known to create SVGs that can make problems. A workaround is creating a new file with Inkscape and import the Illustraor SVG into it. Then save as standard SVG again.

I can check your SVG if you post it.

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Thanks for your answer!!
I tried your workaround with inkscape, but it doesn’t work. Laserweb doesn’t use the “o” in my SVG.

I attached you my Test-file (illustrator-SVG)test1

I found the problem. The o was 2-3 times on top of each other. This can cancel out the contour for LW.
I have ungrouped all, then marked a line segment of the o and deleted it, then the next line segement and so on, until only one contour left.

Here is the corrected file:

The black infill of the first five letters can be made by making a “Laser Fill Path” operation only for these letters (open the tree of the svg in LW and only drag the needed letters to the operation).

okay thanks a lot, so I can’t use the “LAser Fill Path” operation not for the “o”??

Sure you can. I thought that the O needs to be outline only :wink:

By the way: If you just want to engrave the whole logo, there would be an easyer way. Just save the logo as JPG and use the “Raster Engrave” operation in LW.

you might be laughing … This was my workaround for this isse :smiley:

But I thought there would be a solution for this problem with the vector files!

Just FYI, the “minor issues” message is shown whenever the SVG file contains an element that is not handled by the LaserWeb SVG parser. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the file, just that there may be some parts of it that will not be cut correctly.