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I vector traced text from a DXF file that worked great. But when I try to vector trace text in inkscape for printing through K40 whisperer instead of it tracing the text centerline outlines the text. Is there a trick or a specific font that will allow me to vector trace a font without it outlining it?

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Fonts are generally outlines. There are a few ‘stick’ fonts but they are rare. CAD programs seem to be the primary users of stick fonts.

There are some free TTF stick fonts available on the Cambam site.

You can also use the Hershey Text plugin in Inkscape (comes with Inkscape) to create text made of single lines.



Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

These “stick fonts” are perfect for vector engraving small text in the 6-14 pt size. They end up looking a lot nicer than raster engraved text.

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I downloaded the fonts from the cambam site and unfortunately they don’t seem to work in Inkscape. They shown up as jiberish on my PC. Maybe it’s just me.

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I am assuming you installed the font and were able to create text in Inkscape using the installed font.

Since normal fonts are outlines when you create text the fill color is the text color. Since these fonts are not outlines the fill color only fills in the closed areas of the letters. (like the inside of an ‘a’) To make the text show up correctly you need to go to “Object” - “Fill and Stroke” and set the “Fill” to none (using the “X” selection.) and set the “Stroke Paint” to the color you want the text to be.


Duh. I can’t believe I brain farted and didnt think about that.

You are 100% correct, I followed your instructions and they worked perfectly. Thanks.

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