Vector Engraving takes to long time

Hi Makers,

I’m a K40 owner and I have a problem with detailed draws, it takes hours to be sent to the machine and to be cut.

As you can see in the image, 45% about 1 hour waiting…

I tried to use both .SVG and .DXF files to test it, but it still takes the same time.
I’m wondering that it can be a memory problem, but how can we solve or perhaps save time in this process?

Any help will be appreciated!!

Please upload the example SVG file. The up-arrow in the middle of the message compose window is the upload button, and .svg files are allowed on Maker Forums. That might help those more expert in K40 Whisperer diagnose the problem.

You could also compare the performance in Meerk40t to see whether the problem is specific to K40 Whisperer or common to both tools — see About the Meerk40t category

Hi Michael, thanks for the advice.

Here is the svg file.

A0025- mandala-car


Not on my computer that runs Whisperer, I’ll check that later if I get a chance. But I did notice that there are extra path(s) in that file. The red outline is one, then there’s one path for all of the black, then there’s also each circle and element as it’s own path overtop of the other. I’d try deleting all the small elements and see how it runs with only the main one, or vice versa.


I loaded this up in Meerk40t and counted 3 Mississippis before things started to go.

I think you have something doing a raster in there. and it’s sending a giant image. That’s the only thing that makes the most sense.

Admittedly Meerk40t starts drawing objects on-the-fly so it calculates the lhymicro-gl while it’s working (since the computer calculations should be faster than the laser cutting you should always finish calculations before you finish cutting (even on a raspberry pi).


Whisperer gave me a message when opening that file: “this svg does contain enough information to determine intended physical size”, but that didn’t seem to effect anything.

The internal pattern of the design is black in the download, Whisperer took maybe 30 seconds to calculate raster time. There is no vector engrave portion in what downloaded.

I changed most of the design to blue in Inkscape. Whisperer opened it in ~10sec, processed for 5 sec after I hit vector engrave, then started running. I didn’t let it run for over a minute, but it seemed on pace to finish in its 3 minute estimate.

If you’re still having trouble I’d say the first step would be to clean up that design, there are 2-3 of the identical shape overlapping in places where something was copy/pasted during the design creation.