Vector cuts in K40 Whisperer always making 2 passes

I am using V0.58 and my vector cuts in K40 Whisperer always making 2 passes. Advanced settings are set to: Vector Cut Passes = 1

Is anyone else having this issue?

zoom in to see if you really only have one vector line…

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Does this also happen with the simplest of examples? Like, use Inkscape’s rectangle tool to draw a box then set the fill to none and the stroke to blue. Does it still do two passes with that?

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When I zoom in, I see only one line, even in outline display mode. My stroke style width is 0.100

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You did say blue, correct? I am under the assumption that blue is for vector engrave but I am very new to this. Blue is working fine for vector engrave with only 1 pass.

My issue is with red vector cut (again my assumption) in my designs it has been making two passes, when only one was intended.

I did try a red stroked square with no fill just now and it cut with one pass, so that works on a simple square.

Is it possible that I am not able to see multiple shapes while zooming in on my current design?

As it turns out, it is… I just discovered the problem. If I view by zooming in, I can see no duplicate shapes. Then I happened upon the inkscape Objects panel (i am new to inkscape too)…
Object → Objects.

On close inspection via this panel, I was able to see that my red shapes had duplicates hiding in plain sight. I am not sure how they got there, it was certainly not intended but I was able to delete them and they are gone now and vector cuts are executing with one pass.

Mystery solved. The problem is usually somewhere between the keyboard and the chair…
It was doing exactly what I requested but did not realize I had asked.

Thank you to dougl and tomatsu for the replies!


Yea, sorry, I didn’t read that right. I should have said “red”, not “blue”.

A quick way to check this on the path level is to use the node tool and just move one of the nodes (and then use undo to undo the damage).

On the object level, you just use the select tool to move the object around.

If it’s a group, you can either use Ctrl + click to select objects inside the group or just ungroup (Ctrl + Shift + G) as often as it’s necessary to get the actual objects. The status bar at the bottom tells you what you currently got selected.

If you got something like a single path which contains two overlapping shapes, use Path → Break Apart (Ctrl + Shift + K) to turn all the path segments into separate paths. At the end you can put the remaining ones back together via Path → Combine (Ctrl + K).


Something to think about regarding “vector engraving” and “vector cutting” is that they can be the same thing. In Lightburn I will often set the object/design/layer to “line” mode when I want to engrave an outline but I just set the laser speed much higher and the power level low so it only burns the surface. I use the same “line” mode for cutting but set the speed and power so it cuts.

“Engraving” can mean the raster effect of scanning back and forth.

More of an FYI than a specific answer to your current problem. :slight_smile:

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There have been times when I can not seem to ungroup a set of objects I have grouped in inkscape, I will try your suggestions.

These are great tips! Thank you.

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If ungrouping seemingly does nothing, it’s generally because it’s just nested groups which all just contain one group which contains one group etc. It’s like a Matryoshka doll.

When I import PDFs I often have to ungroup half a dozen times to get down to the actual objects. I just mash ungroup until the selection or status bar changes.

Unlike CorelDRAW and Illustrator, Inkscape currently doesn’t have a good UI widget for objects and groups. The XML dialog does show you the structure of the document, but it’s not exactly user friendly.

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Your FYI is much appreciated, I hadn’t thought of that but it makes sense!

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Thanks tomatsu!!! that is working too… Keep hitting ungroup until you succeed :+1:

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