Vector cut of kerfed box side skips some lines

Hi All,

Trying to cut the sides for a box with live folding corners and Whisperer is skipping a few lines of the hinge. Then after it cuts the outline of the side it tries to cut one or two of the missing lines (but not all of them) after the piece has dropped out of the stock.

I’ve triple checked every which way that all the lines connect and that all are set to pure red.

My svg file is at prettybox_sides.svg - Google Drive and a pic of a failed attempt is at IMG_20221216_163412101.jpg - Google Drive

Am I missing something?


Do you use copy and paste when you make another corner in your design effort? I use coreldraw and have found that sometimes, when designing, the laser plays games with the end results. I’ve learned to not copy and paste too many items at a time. One at a time. Slow, but works. IMO

I opened a dxf file in inkscape that was too large to cut on a single piece and copied and pasted the sides into a new svg file. But I can zoom in as far as I want and everything still looks kosher, no gaps etc. In fact, if there were gaps, seems like that would just make Whisperer cut those before the perimeter?

OK, maybe this is more of an InkScape question. But if I zoom way way in and experiment with the fill and stroke → stroke style → cap settings, I can see a difference in how multiple lines intersect if I flip between the “butt cap” and “square cap” style. It looks like “square” results in a more complete overlap between the lines. But if I change all the lines to “square cap” I get the same results when I try a cut.

Experimenting with the width of the lines even though it doesn’t seem to matter whether they’re .05mm or 5mm, they intersect the same.

The one thing that makes me think this is a Whisperer issue is the way that one line gets burned after the perimeter is cut. I’ve double-checked that “cut inside first” is selected in the advanced settings, the default. What would make K4W think that line was outside?

Tried deleting all the lines that either don’t cut or cut after the perimeter and replacing them with pasted copies of lines that work. Now all the lines cut but the replaced ones all cut after the perimeter.

Is there any way to force what k4w thinks is the perimeter?

I downloaded your SVG file and ran it on my machine. I verified that all of the line are cut when I run it through K40 whisperer. It does appear that some of the lines that are “inside” the part are cut after the perimeter of the part is cut out.

There is not a way for the user to " force what K40 Whisperer thinks is the perimeter".

My best guess right now is that the lines are not recognized as inside the part because one end of the line is on the part boundary not clearly inside the boundary. I can poke around and see if I can get it to recognize his case better.

For now supporting the part so that it does not drop out of the material is a potential work around.



Solved it, more or less. Noted that all the hinge cuts on the upper half of the panel work. Deleted all the lower cuts and replaced them with copies from the top. Piece cuts correctly now.

I’m finding that designs I find online seem to require more fiddling than I was used to for 3d printing.

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