Vase anyone? :-) At least the continous extrusion seems to work well now.

Vase anyone? :slight_smile: At least the continous extrusion seems to work well now. I’ve selected a print that works without much retracts and printed that vase with the 0.6 nozzle and 0.4 layer height quite well. I’ve changed the bowden tube to a longer one (950mm is really massively long, @Eclsnowman - sure we need that much of an arc?) and found a carbon stick to support it - that works ok for the moment.

I’ve also just reset the Bondtechs setscrews as they seem to have used too much force and also rechecked all Slic3r settings for now (@Eclsnowman do you still not forget me regarding your factory files? :-))

I now changed the nozzle to a 0.3 and try to print Marvin. As it prints right next to me now i see quite some overextrusion that shouldn’t happen - i have to remeasure the filament but from what i saw so far it seems to be of rather bad quality when it comes to diameter consistency - that could be an additional problem.

@Helmi my 950mm is likely excessive. I just made sure I had a gentle curve with the carriage at the far corner and that’s where the length ended up. But I am sure other lengths will work just as well. The big trick is making sure the bundle has a gentle arc which from your pictures looks very nice.

I have not forgotten about the factory files. I tried to look last night, the problem I have is I have over 200 factory files. Many times I forget which were the good ones, and which ones cause me problems :slight_smile: I learn something each print, make changes and sometimes they work out, sometimes it is two steps backwards. Also S3D V3 is giving me issues with a few of my old presets. For some reason it is telling me it cannot find the .fff files tied to them. So please know I am working on it, I want to give you my best setups.