Various Wood Shop Jigs

I had cervical surgery this month [officially an old guy] so during recovery, I got busy catching up on jigs that I have had on my to-make list for some time.

I decided to adopt the MATCHFIT system and so far have been pretty impressed with it. I like that I do not need T track to make adjustable jigs. I have tried cutting t track slots with router bits before and did not like the results.

I bought this kit which initially seemed expensive but later learned that the versatility of the system overshadowed its cost. The router bit worked great.

I also decided to make clones of the expensive parts. These were made from Lowes $4 clamps. The time it took to custom grind and weld these parts now seems well worth the $20 the MATCHFIT versions cost.

4" x 4" flat grid that I can use on any of my benches or sawhorses.
Been thinking about this same approach for my CNC router.

Adjustable Table Saw Sled

I used this miter bar and found it well worth the money. Takes all the guesswork out of getting a tight and easy to slide miter and it’s adjustable.

Tenon Jig
This jig makes it easy to cut straight and 45 tenons. It also can be used to make corner inserts in frames.
The backside of this jig can be used to make stop cuts on the router as I tend to do a lot of slots.

-----NOT MATCHFIT-----
Benckhook and Shooting Board

Corner Clamp

Small Parts sled for Miter Saw (save my fingers)

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Always fun until the jig is up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That only happens if you let it jig-gle! :tada:


Have not seen matchfit before but it looks good.

I do use T-track and also have a jig to help make the slots :slight_smile: so many jigs

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Just like clamps, a woodworker cannot have too many jigs!

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