Vaccine Club Pins

My parents and all their friends are now vaccinated. So with the CDCs guidelines saying vaccinated people can get together, they have resumed their get togethers, which they have all sorely missed.

I joking asked my mom if it was a meeting of the “Vaccine Club” and she laughed and agreed. So I decided to make them pins for the club to make it official :smile:

Came up with a couple of designs. Laser cut and etched from 1/8" Baltic birch ply.


Those are sellable.
Find retired communities… and etsy them!


100% agree. I think that if people are open about being vaccinated we significantly increase other people’s trust in the vaccine.


Could you apply some sort of paint (acrylic maybe) and then a sealant (Modge Podge maybe)?

Certainly. These were made from some ply that had a pre-finish of gloss lacquer, which is what I prefer for a natural finish on plywood.

If I’m going to paint unengraved areas I don’t pre-finish as the paint doesn’t spread evenly on the gloss coat and takes at least 2 coats because it doesn’t soak in. Acrylic craft paints work well for opaque coloring, but you can also use permanent colored makers, like sharpie brand, to give a transparent color like a stain.

I also sometime use paint pens, especially for white. Pen type applicators like sharpie markers or paint pens are faster to apply then brush on paint.

After painting/ coloring I usually seal with a basic clear gloss acrylic finish spray like this:


I had not considered using sharpies, that’s a great idea. I have seen some people use paint pens to great effect. In one video that I watched someone used something that they referred to as a lacquer pen/pencil but I have never seen anything like it in all my googling. It looked a bit like a grease pencil.

I dig the OES stuff!


Sharpie markers are alcohol based and just flow into the wood very evenly. Almost impossible to get splotches unless it’s grain density issue. Then I usually just come back after it initially dries to darken any high grain density areas.

Maybe the lacquer pencils were oil based coloring pencils? That’s a product I haven’t tried yet.